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Everything Looks Better Through Clean Windows

Window Washing: Welcome


Windows inside & out; any size (up to & including Slider Doors) $6.00 ea.
Outside only $5.00 ea.
Paint overspray or stucco on glass add a dollar.


Smudge & Streak Free Mirrors 2.00 ea.

Screens & Sunscreens

Sliding window screens we wash for free with the framing.
Sunscreens $3.50 ea.

Decking, Walkways & Structure

We normally wash the front entrance, walkways, decking & obviously dirty walls for tips. The time to do it is before the windows are washed.
Our Logic is that when we hear customers say... "Everything looks amazing," we most likely Earned a good tip!

Hard Water Damage

Hard water damaged windows cost extra as with abnormally difficult windows for size & or height.

Window Washing: Services
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